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When You're Big

Dear Maisie,

You woke up this morning and exclaimed, “I’m big! I’m three!”

You are big, my girl, and brave and inquisitive, kind and joyful, stubborn and creative, independent and funny.

Stay brave. The world can be scary, but chasing down adventures is what makes life memorable.

Stay inquisitive, full of wonder and questions. Don’t be discouraged by those who tell you to stop raising your hand. The world needs people who aren’t afraid to ask tough questions and who aren’t satisfied with easy answers.

Stay kind. Compassion is underrated and in serious demand. May you always be full of warm embraces, soft smiles and loving words for those who are sick or tired, offering of your plenty to those who are lacking, your attention for those who are lonely and your time to those who need a hand.

Stay joyful and creative, full of jokes and laughter, songs and music. Your ability to transmit that happiness will continue to bring lightness to the heaviest of times.

Stay stubborn, even though it’s terrible on us as parents. Your strong will and confidence in your ideas will elevate you in a crowd and bring about necessary change. Just try not to be so stuck in your ways that you ignore different ideas and different people, those who can shape you into a more well-rounded individual and inspire you in new ways.

Stay independent. Your ability and desire to take care of yourself will make it easier to assist and care for others in need. Continue to go at it alone, but don't be afraid to ask for help.

Stay emotional. Daddy and I are so lucky to be recipients of your first "I love you's" -- so pure and so genuine. It's okay to lead with your gut and your heart. Don't believe anyone who says you can't be tough and emotional. And always surround yourself with people worthy of those beautiful "I love you's."

I’m so excited to continue to watch you get big and am so proud of the little girl you already are.

As you’d say, “I love you so much.”


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