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Maisie and Her Babies

If anyone were to ask me, "what is Maisie's favorite thing?" the answer would come, without hesitation: her babies. You see, Maisie and her babies is a wonder to watch. She spends HOURS diapering, rocking, pushing around, singing to and kissing her baby dolls. Some have names, like Baby Connie (she came from a consignment shop, hence "Con"-y. But she calls her Dohn-nee, pronouncing it like an old mother in South Philly with a cigarette sticking out of her lips). Others are "Little Baby" or "Big Baby." Most recently, there's also Blue Baby and Bath Baby (also known as Baby Deh-neh-ferr).

Some of my favorite things I catch her doing with her babies are the times of discipline, when she tells them "not nice, baby" or "no do that." I'm also a huge fan of the "oh no, it's hot" when serving them food and then the repeated blowing (or spitting, your call) on the imaginary meal. When I'm lucky, Maisie bosses me around like one of her babies. She tells me "go sleep, Mommy. Close eyes." Then, just when I think, 'wait, is a nap actually possible on my daughter's command?' she declares "Wake up, Mommy!" She runs a tight ship.

There are days when I feel remiss about not spending every moment with Maisie. I wonder if I seem too distracted when we do get our time together. I worry that she doesn't see how I love and care for her. And then I think of her and her babies. And I know I'm doing alright.

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