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The Things I've Lost... And Gained

Today we bid farewell to our home in Williamsburg.

And oh the things I've lost.

The ability to walk and get milk at anytime of day or night.

The ability to drop Maisie at a neighbors when running to the gym.

The abililty to call our dogwalker to take Nibbler for the weekend.

The ability to get food -- good food -- delivered from any cuisine imaginable.

Six months ago, I bid farewell to a fulltime job.

And oh the things I've lost.

The ability to rely on a paycheck.

The daily interaction with friends.

The endorsements of good work from colleagues, clients and superiors.

Somewhere between these two changes, I also lost an incredible daycare that didn't make me think twice about leaving Maisie for a few hours.

But with all these changes, oh the things I've gained.


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