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Snow Day

Yesterday the snow saved me.

You see there comes a point in every man and woman's life where they reach a breaking point in terms of balancing everything. Wednesday was my breaking point. I was walking Nibbler in the hail with Maisie strapped in her carrier, even though Maisie is getting too big for the carrier, and I was close to missing some deadlines and I had an 8:30 p.m. conference call and I had to start dinner.


And then it snowed the next morning. A lot of snow. Enough snow for Jason to be stranded in New Jersey with us.

That's what saved us.

You see, the three hours he normally spent commuting, he was able to help me out. Take Nibbler for the second walk. Cook dinner. Watch Maisie for a moment when I ran to the bathroom.

I needed those three hours.

Is there a spring equivalent? Summer Fridays?

#parenting #Maisie #racheltrobman #worklifebalance #stress

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