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Speaking Your Client's Language

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This morning, Maisie was sitting in her high chair chomping down on blueberries, a distraction as I prepared her oatmeal. As the oatmeal cooled, I gave her a small piece of banana, knowing that like blueberries, it's among her favorite things. When the oatmeal was ready, the tantrum started. I tried to take her out of her highchair. That made it worse. Back into the highchair she went and I retreated to the kitchen. I returned with a banana in my hand. There was an audible sound of relief. There was clapping. I understood her. Her nah-nahs weren't random sounds. It was her attempt at banana, obviously.

Some clients and vendors are easier to decipher than a one-year-old girl. When they say they'll have the contract back by tomorrow, they mean tomorrow. Others mean I'll get back to you after you nudge me the third time. And others still speak a language so complex that it puts a baby's whines and flailing hands to shame.

Speaking their language is beyond essential, but, even for someone with strong communication skills, it's sometimes incredibly difficult. The fact that most interactions these days, particularly in my industry, are done via email, Skype and Slack, makes this even trickier. I know Maisie-speak because I see the sighs and clapping that goes with the nah-nahs, which helps me translate. Another added difficulty is the fact that for some of my developers, English is their second language. As a result, understanding what they mean when they say something is tricky.

But it's worth working through the challenge. Taking the time to really get to know your clients and speak their language can allow you to be proactive and more efficient with your time and resources. It can also prevent unnecessary confrontations. There's a good chance they just want a banana.

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