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Knowing You -- An Open Letter to Maisie Ahead of Her 1st Birthday

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Dearest Maisie,

A year ago, I barely knew you. Even though you were inside of me, my knowledge of you was basic, and not in the Basic Bitch way. I knew you frequently had the hiccups, a trait we would call Maisie-ups when you were born. I knew you went crazy for Taste Nirvana coconut water. Besides that, I knew nothing. I didn’t even know your gender.

When you were born, we were strangers. Your cries were hollow. Your smiles random.

Merely 11 months later, I realized I know everything about you. I know your grunts and giggles. I know when you comically rub your eyes, suck your left thumb and pull your hair with your right, it’s time for bed. I know you will do anything for blueberries, that you prefer turkey to chicken, but will still eat them both. I know the difference between Daaah-Da for your father and Da-Da for everything else. I know your tickle spots and when you’ve had enough. I know you love being thrown in the air and being held upside-down, but are afraid of being flipped over. I know that even though you know the word “up,” you won’t use it when you want to be picked up, only once you are standing. I know the videos that will break up your crying and the songs that make you dance. I know how to rock you when you’re stressed.

I know that in a few months, your likes and dislikes will change again. It was just a few months ago, that sweet potatoes ruled your world. Now, they’re just like any other fruit and vegetable.

I know that in a few years, it will be like pulling teeth to learn anything about you. Your communication will be grunts. Your likes and dislikes still fleeting. There’s a good chance that we will, once again, briefly feel like strangers. During that time, remember that I always WANT to know you, even during those times you won’t want to know me.

Until then, I’m cherishing knowing you and can’t wait to know you at each new stage.



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