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Just Two Things

Between having a baby, launching a business and managing a consulting career, my to-do list is getting to be the size of a Nicki Minaj tour rider. Just organizing the list could be a job in and of itself. I use Google calendar, notes on my phone, project management software, Post-it notes and constant repetition. I could use another 6-8 hours in the day, but unfortunately I'm not close enough with anyone who could make that happen. Coffee and I are taking our relationship to the next level.

I refuse to admit I've bitten off more than I can chew.

I pride myself on being a fabulous multi-tasker, and strong prioritizer. Lately, though, many of my need-to-dos are all of equal importance. And, on the days, when my little adventurer is solely in my care, my available time for chipping into my list is even more limited.

The past two days though I've tried something different, doing just two things. I've gotten more than two things done, obviously, but I've set aside only two major things on my to-do list. This blog post was one of them. Taking off these chunks is allowing me to have a sense of small accomplishment. I have found these completions are vital when the scope of everything else I'm trying to accomplish is so grand in scale.

What strategies do my fellow business owners and moms use to manage their open items?

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