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How a Sick Baby Made Me Braver

I officially can't be really scared of not being a successful business woman. That isn't real fear. Real fear is hearing a coughing sound and arriving to find your tiny, 15-pound girl gagging in vomit in her crib. It's grabbing her slightly-limp body and holding her until the episode passed. Then watching it happen, helpless, several more times.

Real delight isn't closing a deal. It's hearing her babble and watching her smile at your husband after you've wiped off her face.

The only time I can remember having this level of sheer fear was when my four-legged child acquired a rare blood illness and I had to carry him to the vet, my small frame and his furry one shaking in tandem.

Real delight followed almost six months later when his steroid-ravaged muscles finally returned to their normal strength and he triumphantly jumped back onto the bed.

These experiences shouldn't forbid me from feeling fear and delight around this business endeavor. These are big projects, big dollars and big aspirations on the line. I guess it's just the level of fear and delight should be slightly more tempered knowing these more extreme emotions as a parent. Some could argue that I can't be as good of a businesswoman without that same sense of urgency that terror brings.

However, for the time being, I'm going with that it makes me a better businesswoman. I have perspective, a little more patience, and a bit of a newfound serenity that will help me make more strategic decisions. My real fear makes me braver with everything else. I also know real delight and won't settle for anything less.

Now it's time to get started.

Note: This entry was supposed to be about the importance of correct legal documentation. However, due to the above-mentioned circumstance, I found this more fitting. I'll be posting on legalese this weekend.

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