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The Military Crawl

Military Crawl Maisie
Maisie is in full military crawl mode, making whatever squirming motion necessary to get her to her desired destination, which is most times either my cell phone or the buckle on her car seat. She occasionally will get in to this squatting posture and then, after a few furtive glances, will propel herself forward without any fear of smacking her face onto the floor, which is nearly inevitable based on her form. A quick yelp, a reassuring pat from me, and she's back on the move.

While this is in no way a unique analogy, tomorrow I'm taking a lesson from Maisie. After years of my own military crawl, I'm going to be hurling forward on my own. And only hours ahead of my corporate departure, I've been able to focus my anxiety around one key concern: getting it all done.

This past Sunday it was 5 p.m. and I looked at Maisie scooting around and I had a brief moment when I felt completely exhausted and overwhelmed and nearly asked outloud "Is it 7 p.m. yet?" For at 7 p.m., I'm Maisie-free for the evening. And then it hit me that my new life routine may result in having more of those moments. That was only one weekend day when I was sharing responsibilities with my husband. While working full time at ZMG, I was able to compartmentalize my day, and my assignments, this new life decision will be much trickier. How do I mommy and run errands and follow up on insurance claims and start a business and complete my consulting work and eat a meal? Previously I'd use the excuse of having another (or two!) full-time job(s) to only pick up the easy STRIKEink tasks. Now THAT is my primary task. And I fear not being able to get everything done.

It's the same fear that I've constantly fought at every job, now with the added stress of not having anyone prioritizing for me.

I know what I need to do and need to say to myself. I don't need to get everything done. I just need to get most done. Military crawls interspersed with nearly-reckless, head-first pushes. If it doesn't work, I'll have to wait a few more months until Maisie tries something new, baby steps take 2 anyone?, for a new strategy.

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