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When You Know, You Know... I Think?

It’s 4 a.m. and I can’t sleep. Two weeks from now I will officially trade in the comfort of my rather well-salaried, full-time job to take on the challenge of running my own business.

Rachel Trobman, CEO.

There’s only a rough business plan, a bunch of great ideas, and an entrepreneurial spirit. Did I mention that my business partner is my husband? And that I have a 7-month-old baby?

I’m already beyond comfortable wearing many hats, so to speak. For the past decade I’ve worked for other companies that have required me to quickly learn and then excel at new tasks, from learning best practices for web copy, to shooting for live programming, to creating engaging social media properties, to project managing a website launch, to developing P&Ls and crafting business pitches. And yet, I am (understandably) a bit terrified. Because there is so much unknown. Because I’m not going to have a consistent income (yet). Because I'll have to develop a new routine.

Because for the first time in my life, the success of not just one, but two babies (STRIKEink Corp. and Maisie Claire Trobman), is solely in my (and my husband’s) hands. And those babies sure can be fussy -- and expensive. So, I figured, why not add yet another challenge to that mix -- chronicling my challenges and, hopefully my triumphs, through prose. It is my desire that my stories and learnings will entertain and inform others.

Welcome to A Baby, a Business, a Blog. Here’s to (fewer) sleepless nights, more fulfilling daylights, a few billion-dollar ideas, Maisie milestones and a fun read for all.

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Rachel is a digital content maven, a business owner..

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